Tools for Informed Sustainable Choices

STiCH stands for Sustainability Tools in Cultural Heritage

One of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century is climate change. Sustainability Tools in Cultural Heritage (STiCH) is a life cycle assessment (LCA) Carbon Calculator and Library of Case Studies and Information Sheets developed to help cultural heritage professionals make educated, sustainable choices to lower the environmental impact of their work.


Life Cycle Assessment is at the heart of STiCH

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) sets a framework for quantifying environmental impacts of systems and products. It focuses on a specific question concerning the environmental impact of a product or action and can encompass any or every phase of its lifecycle. Engineers use LCA software and databases to analyze the items and arrive at quantitative results.

A successful collaboration between the engineer and the client allows for design of a study with greatest relevance to the field. LCA has been used across all types of sectors to inform procurement decisions, and provides the scientific basis for all carbon, water, and environmental footprinting.