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A team of cultural heritage professionals, engineers, and conservation graduate students created STiCH led by the following Principal Investigators. The team worked towards providing a clear path to reducing the carbon footprint from cultural heritage activities worldwide.

Sarah Nunberg

Principal Investigator
Founder, The Objects
Conservation Studio, LLC; Visiting Professor, Pratt Institute

Matthew Eckelman

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University

Sarah Sutton

Principal Investigator
CEO, Environment and
Culture Partners; Principal,
Sustainable Museums

Sarah Sanchez

PhD Candidate
Doctoral Candidate, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University


The first introduction to LCA for cultural heritage preservationists in the United States began with conservator Sarah Nunberg and engineer Matthew Eckelman’s initiatives in 2012 when Nunberg invited Eckelman as the introductory lecturer at the AIC Albuquerque Annual Meeting Sustainability Committee Luncheon. Starting in 2013 they worked closely with Pamela Hatchfield and the MFA Boston, providing scenarios for six LCA case studies. Nunberg and Eckelman were joined by museum

professional Sarah Sutton in 2016. The project earned a Tier I 2017-2019 National Endowment for Humanities (NEH) research grant awarded to The Foundation for the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC). In 2020 the project was awarded a Tier II NEH Research and Development Grant, which has funded the STiCH project. At this time PhD candidate Sarah Sanchez joined the project in partial fulfillment of her dissertation. Together the team has developed STiCH.


Website Design:
Varnika Kundu

Website Update:
Diego Kolsky
Varnika Kundu
Helen Oh
Grace Filley

Calculator Spreadsheet:
Melissa Amundsen
Rachael Arenstein
Michele Derrick
Céline Wachsmuth

Calculator Programming:
Jill Moloy

LCA Students:
Ece Alan
Emily Eastman
Grace Filley
Krissy Govertsen 
Sarah Hossain 
Corey Kershaw 
Joshua Prince
Anushka Singh 
Aidan Travers 
Muhammad Teng 
Ying Wang 

Professionals for LCA Case Studies:
Soraya Alcala
Rachael Arenstein
Fiona Becket
Al Carver-Kubik
Meg Colbert
Michelle Derrick
Kate Fugett
Michaeleen Gallagher
Shannon Nortz
Eric O’Toole
Ellen Pearlstein
Rebecca Ploeger
Patrick Ravines
Hannelore Roemich
Joel Taylor
Joelle Wickens

Conservation Graduate Program Students:
Melissa Amundsen
Tess Browyn Hamilton
Annabelle Camp
Kris Cnossen
Lauren Conway
Marie Desroucher
Kathryn Kenney
Khanh Nguyen
Jennifer Mikes
Elizabeth Salmon
Magdalena Solenao 
Céline Wachsmuth

Exhibition Design:
Michelle Laboy

Humanity has the ability to make development sustainable to ensure that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Gro Brutland, 1987 World Commission on Environment and Development, United Nations.

Brundtland’s optimistic statement 40 years ago has become an emergency call for action today and too few professionals in the cultural heritage sector are aware of this call. We recognize that it makes no sense to preserve cultural heritage for future generations while our actions pollute and destroy the environment. With STiCH, each of us can address the environmental and climate impacts of our choices as we provide valuable care for cultural heritage.

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