Carbon Calculator

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The easy comparison of the carbon footprint between products allows the user to select materials with less kg CO₂eq, thus making educated choices, truly lowering the environmental impact of their actions.


Browse Items

Under the Browse Items tab, select a Category, a Sub-Category and an Item from the drop-down menus. Alternatively, use the Search bar to search by item. After choosing an item, click the Add button to view the Results Table. The calculator registers up to 15 searches within the Results Table. To remove an item click the X box on the right in the Results Table.  Available on stitchs website


Obtain Results

Adjust the quantity of the item searched by changing the number in the Quantity box. The GHG/Unit and Total GHG register in the appropriate columns. Total kg CO₂ eq appears in the bottom green bar, providing the total impact of a number of items. A resulting bar graph clearly illustrates the results. Links to Safety Data Sheets appear when relevant, for easy access to human toxicity data.